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HBO Zune Contest Finalists

Below you'll find the entries that made the finals for our HBO Zune Giveaway - but didn't win. (Some didn't win because they were disqualified for violating the rules, while others didn't win simply because more people voted for other entries.) We're putting these up for posterity's sake. If you want to download the winners, please visit the Results page.

Original Songs


  • 2old2playHALO's H3 Beta Clan Montage: WMP9 | QuickTime, by jonny12gauge
    WMP9: 320x240, 9.1 mb | QuickTime: 320x240, 9.9 mb
  • 1812 Halo: WMP9 | QuickTime, by screech3602
    WMP9: 320x240, 5.9 mb | QuickTime: 320x240, 6.4 mb
  • Exercise in Futility_HBO: WMP9 | QuickTime, by RoundeyeSamurai
    WMP9: 320x240, 18.4 mb | QuickTime: 320x240, 21.1 mb
  • Halo3 Beta Montage: WMP9 | QuickTime, by Pyroman
    WMP9: 320x240, 16.7 mb | QuickTime: 320x240, 15.2 mb
  • Mongoose Rally: WMP9 | QuickTime, by bryster
    WMP9: 320x240, 17 mb | QuickTime: 320x240, 17.9 mb
  • Returns a King: WMP9 | QuickTime, by Justin_Tyme
    WMP9: 320x240, 16.3 mb | QuickTime: 320x240, 9.5 mb

Parody Songs


  • Attempt at best montage, ever!!: WMP9 | QuickTime, by VodkaBurn
    WMP9: 320x240, 19.7 mb | QuickTime: 320x240, 18.8 mb
  • Multiverse: WMP9 | QuickTime, by Jamie98s
    WMP9: 640x480, 38.1 mb | QuickTime: 640x480, 35.6 mb
  • Seven Nation Army: WMP9 | QuickTime, by bungie319
    WMP9: 320x240, 17.6 mb | QuickTime: 320x240, 18.6 mb
  • Terminal Dogs 2: WMP9 | QuickTime, by KradProductions
    WMP9: 320x240, 19.6 mb | QuickTime: 320x240, 19.3 mb

Thanks to everyone who participated - by submitting, by voting, by just watching or listening. And of course, thanks to Bungie for Halo 3, and for the awesome prizes!

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